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Shenzhen Henggang Special Electrial Co., LTD. Was a professional production of AC cooling fan, cooling fan, cooling fans, DC fans, mini fans, small DC fans, AC fans, DC fans, AC blower, water fan, DC cooling fan driven products. Focuses on solving computers, household appliances, automation, communications equipment, medical equipment, instrumentation, lighting, cabinet, welder, power supply, ventilation and cooling systems, and other products cooling system solutions. My company developed ultra-small fan, diameter of 20mm, equivalent to the size of the human thumb, the product has a small size, low noise characteristics, greatly solve the automotive products, handheld electronic products, portable PDA demand for micro wind turbines.

For fans of the demand for water on the market, my company after two years of continuous exploration, step by step developed a brushless fan with IP55, IP68 waterproof grade. The technology was quickly applied waterproofing treatment of various sizes brushless fan. IP68 waterproof fan, fully enclosed structure using a motor, electronics and water molecules truly complete isolation. Long-term work can sink to the bottom, life expectancy up to 50,000 hours.

Customer is God. Customer demand is for business requirements, we do pre-service, while the service better. We have to make adequate preparations, be honest with you soon!

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